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Q: What’s the cost during the day?

A: All rentals are free on working days (Mon-Fri excluding Bank holidays):
  • between 8:30 to 16.50 or other times that may be notified in writing.
  • between 16.50 and midnight if the rental ends at the office
  • between midnight and 8.30 if the rental starts at the office
  • Outside of these times, rentals cost 10p per minute with a maximum cost per rental of £2. The rental time is measured from the moment when the front light switches on until the time that it switches off.
  • Users are expected to return the bike to the IHS Markit office. If a bike is not returned within 24 hours the system operator will pick up the bike and bring it to the office and IHS Markit will be charged a £10 fee.