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Stations - GPX Available bikesAvailable bikes Free docksFree docks
Service Point4-
WF Low Hall5-
WF Town Hall1-
15 Great Bell Alley0-
51 Fann Street0-
59 Silk Street0-
71 Red Lion Court0-
95 Bow Lane0-
110 Moorfields / Ropemaker0-
120 Newman Street0-
136 George Yard0-
139 Info Centre0-
140 Cloth Street0-
152 White Horse Yard0-
159 Bevis Mark0-
192 Lothbury O/s B of E0-
193 Lothbury on Central Island0-
Freebike Service Hub11-
Magistrates Court0-
Sycamore House0-
Town Hall Front0-
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